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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Long Day

Today was my 36 week check-up. I was hoping to have an internal exam where the doc said "WOW! you're much further along than we thought! you're going to have this baby very soon!"
But it appears I don't get a cervical exam until 38 weeks. She was, however, very concerned about the manatee that has become my right foot and sent me to a radiology clinic right away - for an ultrasound to make sure there were no blood clots. Slightly irritating to me, since the contrast of swollen left foot to INSANELY swollen right foot is something I've mentioned at my last 3 appointments. Turns out there is no clot. The other option she gave me is that my uterus is pushed more to one side preventing normal blood flow. I have been relatively free of mood swings during my pregnancy, but today came close to getting to me. The past two months of weird nerve damage to my diaphram and subsequent back spasms have made sitting and working at the studio very hard. I'd like the baby out, now! I keep reminding myself that I need to at least wait until we buy our carseat and until after the baby shower my office rescheduled for this weekend. Hm. Saturday is also when we might get that tropical storm...

I have some cute pictures of baby things I want to post here later tonight - I'll do that soon! Oh and on a great note, our crib and dresser are being delivered on Friday! I'm so excited.

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