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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

calm photo of otherwise raucous baby!

ya know that previous video where it takes over 30 seconds for sylvie to pull herself to a stand in her crib? HA! that lasted about, well one night. ever since that night she ONLY stands in her crib, she stands and screams when she should be snuggling and sleeping! it takes her at least an hour to go down for her naps. bedtime is a little better, but gee whiz. its amazing how it works, they figure out a new trick and never look back! she could care less about crawling (altho yesterday she began crawling for real - with her stomach off the ground), crawling is simply a device to get from one piece of furniture to another so she can pull herself into a stand. i'm amazed at how long she'll stand while holding onto the bars of her "cage" (play yard), she'll stand for over 20 minutes no problem, and she can move up and down the bars of the play yard and her crib!

on an easier note sylvie and i went to a demo music class last week at heartsong music. it was really fun and definitely something we'll sign up for after our trip back east. she LOVED the teacher and watched in awe as the teacher played guitar in a circle around the room. after a while she got comfortable and even crawled out to the center of the circle of people! she played sticks, bells and a drum, and the process of hitting something to make a sound definitely permeated her little brain, she's tried to mimic it at home since.

here's a little home video of pancake at the piano:

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sari said...

wait, trip back east? when is this? come northeast too! since you will already be most of the way here!