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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

new things this week

it's only wednesday, but you've already had some cool milestones this week, sylvie!

on sunday night you were playing in your excersaucer (not under it, this time), when we noticed you were actually playing - as in pretending, with your little toys! you had the blue flower in one hand and a little fabric ball with a jingle bell in the other hand, and you were having a little conversation between them! 

monday you began LOOKING at your books, not just wanting to eat them. this has been happening slowly over the last week or so (i think aunt grace's visit and the books she brought had a lot to do with it) but it is really catching on now. you even seemed to be talking to your dr. suess alphabet book, either that or else reading it to yourself while playing on the floor.

you say dada all the time now, part of the time you are trying to say "dog" (which comes out more like "deh!") and part of the time you are saying dad. when we ask you "sylvie, where is the dog?" you look at hattie! i just bought a baby sign language book and am still figuring that out.

this past month you have been noticing all the decorative elements of your nursery. you smile and jump at the sight of your lanterns, the green stripes on your wall, the butterfly wall hooks and the ribbons that hang from your shelf! this is not something i expected to happen so it has a big pay off, i can't believe all our ideas and hard work (thanks again roxann and jeff for the stripes) have impressed you!

i don't actually know if this is a milestone or i've just been lucky, but it seems like your new involvement in playing must be giving you confidence or distracting you. yesterday and today you haven't minded when i walked out of your sight! this is a big deal for me because it means i can do things like refill my coffee cup (or make coffee, for that matter) without breaking your little heart. hooray!

also not a milestone, but you still respond to music. this morning we are decidedly NOT watching ellen and instead we are listening to beethoven. you are facinated by music coming from our wooden crosley record player/cd player. you love touching the fabric covered speakers and you can't stop smiling! any time someone sings or plays an instrument on television you stop what you're doing to watch and smile... and i'll let aunt grace tell you about your favorite jam...


Grace said...

Well, sometimes it seems like Little Liza Jane is your favorite jam, and sometimes it seems like it's Pretty Little Baby. I told Tom about your music fascination and we both agreed you'll be a musician in some form. Also, Tom said you are a "pip" which in Tomspeak is a big compliment.

jennifer said...