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Sunday, August 30, 2009

we're here! we made it!

The family has officially been home for a week and one day. We are adjusting as well as expected considering we left a storybook local filled with loving family and nights as cool as 55 degrees... and came back to 102 degrees+ temperatures, no family and work. All that aside, it really is great to be back to the life we've made for ourselves, great friends and Interior Mexican tacos. Hattie-Dog took it the hardest, at GG and Pop's house in Waynesville she had her own pond in the mountains and was surrounded by some of the dog-lovingest people you could meet. She honestly moped for three days and hardly touched her food.

There were so many great moments during our almost 3 week long trip to Jacksonville, FL and up through NC, I'm really at a loss of where to begin, blog-wise. For the most part I think I'm going to have to refer to the "Sylvie's First Trip Photo Album" I really hope to make soon, so Sylvie, if one day you're reading this entry, check that out for details. If you can't find it, I may never have gotten around to making a physical copy, so go ahead and check the Flickr page, I'm sure I'll manage to get pictures there soon!

I'm putting up one picture tonight, but the thoughts on my mind tonight are of little Pancake herself, and how absolutely amazing she has become. At 11.25 months she is truly becoming a little person. Her eyebrows express a range of emotion as varied as a rainbow. The other day I caught her watching as I rubbed lotion on my hands. She copied my hand movements so precisely! I gave her a little dab of lotion and she promptly rubbed in into her own palm using every direction, just like I do. She is showing more and more of a tendency towards standing alone and walking, which is fascinating to watch. She just had a check-up at the doctor, and is on the small side - 25% in weight and 25% percent in height but 75% in head size! She has her daddy's smart noggin.

Today we did our grocery shopping at Central Market (always a madhouse on Sundays, but still fun). She was very tired after playing on CM's playground and shopping. I was so excited at the playground to see that Pancake remembered her lesson from Granddad Jeff - she turned around backwards to go down the jungle gym steps! We played for a while and then went for groceries... by the time Dad got his luncheon meat she had almost lost all composure. I took her to the bathroom to nurse (still BF, hooray!), and when we came out and found Dad, she wrapped her little arm around my neck, which she has never done before! I made funny little sounds in her ear, and she hugged my neck harder and giggled into my face! I was able to keep this interaction going for at least 15 minutes, it was absolutely wonderful and completely out of the ordinary. She would laugh out loud and kick her legs and hug me harder - so much fun! That much fun apparently comes at a high cost... shortly after all the kicking and cuddling and laughing she threw up all over herself. Editor's Note: For any concerned folk out there, she is fine now and had a great evening playing with Dad.

I'll add more as I think of it, but she is just the sweetest most amazing little girl. Here's a quick video from Thursday, I made Alsatian Onion Pie and we had a rainshower. Rain is so rare here I stopped the baking, threw open the kitchen window and we enjoyed the sound! FYI, she's rubbing avocado into her hands like she does lotion. uh oh.

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