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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Well Pancake, I'm behind on your one-year-old post. It is slowly being composed in my head, and I suspect will make it's debut soon. Today was a busy day for you. Not because it was filled to the brim with activities, but because you spent the day busying your mind and body.

From the start this morning, there was a difference in you, a tendency toward trying to walk instead of crawl. Ever since receiving the Fisher Price Learning Home you've clung to it like a monkey. It is the first place you like to be in the morning, and your home-base for the rest of the day; it has already paid for itself ten-fold. This morning, while hanging off it's side, you decided to go after another toy. Your little mind was going a mile a minute, and you hesitated where normally you would just drop down to your knees and crawl. with one hand firmly on the Learning Home you took a step away and reached toward your toy for several seconds. This isn't a monumental move, but it was mentally a big change for you. You looked at me to help, and I happily took your little hand and we "walked" to the desired toy.

The rest of the day was more of the same, you wanted to "walk", assisted, to everything. It was your first reaction, which I've never seen before. When I wasn't immediately available you actually threw your first temper tantrum, you got down on your belly with arms and legs stiff at your side the way you would before you could crawl, and screamed until i distracted you.

Yesterday was your year check up, and all is well. You've gained weight and height. Your pediatrician pointed out another tooth about to pop, right next to the front right tooth that has been slowly but surely making it's way. Your teeth take forever! You have three top teeth poking through right now, and it was another big factor in your mental busy-ness today, the pain is really getting to you. We took a break today to go to the drug store for highland teething tablets. I can't tell that they work any, but they distract you from the pain when I pop em in your mouth and that's probably half the battle. After the drug store we stopped by the library where you had fun playing with a family of older kids, specifically a boy who I would guess was 11. He had two little sisters and was obviously very practiced at baby entertaining, it was really cute. He tried to coax you into walking across the library's big soft rug with his little sister's stuffed frog and toy car, you had a great time.

Last night you became very vocal about your love for the Dora the Explorer backpack Grandma gave you. When you see it, or think about seeing it, you yell "DORRRA!" In an adorably stilted way that I could never capture in type. It's closest to saying "Toro" to a bull. You accidentally roll your R's giving it the perfect spanish pronunciation.

Our friend Adam came over to practice music with your Dad tonight, you danced in your highchair to what you could hear coming from the garage. You were fascinated when you saw them play.

It was a really great day with you, and I enjoyed holding your hand to help you build those muscles by walking. You hardly put any weight on me, I can tell that soon you will physically be able to walk yourself if you decide to. I've looked forward to that moment, but today was the first time I caught a glimpse of how I will feel...

I have misplaced the camera charger and have not taken any pictures since your birthday, crazy! I'll remedy that soon.

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