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Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Express Train From Austin to the North Pole in 1.25 Hours!

I'm not sure how they do it, but all that Christmas Magic is pretty cool. After a wonderful visit from Warren and Diana, Ryan, Pancake and I boarded the North Pole Flyer Train with our friends Heather, Andy and Silas on Saturday night. We had a great time eating gingerbread men, drinking cocoa and watching the scenery go by out the open window of our vintage train car. Our car was the last to be visited by Santa with typical "baby on santa's lap" results... but in the video below you can see how patiently and politely Pancake was awaiting his arrival. She and little Silas were absolutely adorable, and I think they both had a fun time. Sylvie liked "chugga-chugga-ing" and Silas was all about pulling the imaginary engine whistle. Sylvie started to loose it at the end, but Silas maintained his composure the whole time! You can see from the pictures he is interested, but a little concerned by Sylvie's well-meaning sentiments towards him. It was a fun time for us parents too, you can get caught up on a lot of conversation en route to the North Pole.

Thank you Heather and Andy for the pictures!!! There are a few more on the flickr site, here : FLICKR

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