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Saturday, March 13, 2010


This weekend was the Denton Texas NX35 music festival. We drove down and spent time with Eric & Carlene, Heather, Andy, Brent & Adam. It was a really great time, you couldn't stay up for Dad's set but you made it through over half of the INCREDIBLE Flaming Lips set. I remarked at the time "Its like seeing Yo Gabba Gabba live" and it turns out I was extra right, in addition to the giant balloon/balls, confetti, and dancing sun/stars the chorus people were apparently dressed in DJ Lance Rock orange jumpsuits. You loved it. Somewhere I saved the piece of confetti you grasped as they all slowly spiraled down around you. It took at least 20 minutes for all the confetti to land, it was beautiful. You loved the hula-hoopers nearby and stayed cozy in the carrier with dad for a good 40 minutes.

We left before the show ended, Minorcan needed to get setup for their own show. Dad took us back to our fancy courtyard mariott and I got us an overpriced yogurt strawberries & granola snack and we retreated to our hotelroom, your third ever. I read to you from the book we'd gotten that day, "Lets Make Rabbits", got you all calm and put you in your pack&play where you promptly screamed your head off. I had no choice but to take you out right away, I turned off all the lights in the hotel room turned the TV onto "The Cutting Edge" (i was too wound to sleep myself) and let you toss around on my bed until eventually, after an hour, you curled up and fell asleep. your first non-crib sleep since you were a newborn. I stayed conscious enough to wake anytime you moved to ensure you weren't about to fall off the bed. we aren't going to make a habit out of it, but i had a pretty good time snuggling with you :)

(ready to go home)

the last two pictures are by carlene jean death machine, 2010.

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