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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well, the turkey is in the oven and it is time for the traditional "turkey cookin'" Thanksgiving day lull. Time to get the kitchen straightend up, take our showers and finish any last minute cleaning. Following the national dog show this year is Miracle on 34th street, which I can't wait to share with Sylvie when she's old enough.

I'm trying last year's turkey for the second time, The stuffing is extra special - white & cornbread, chorizo sausage, garnet yams, plantains, tomatillos... I concocted it thinking I would enter a Turkey recipe contest but never got around to submitting it! The recipe sounds very tex-mex, but it ends up with a very traditional flavor and extra goodness :)

On this special day my landlord deserves a shout out - I tried to put the turkey in earlier, but imagine my surprise to find our oven not working! Mr. W. came right over, did a little tinkering, and patiently waited for the Turkey Gods to work their magic and fix the oven. Right when he was apologizing and hoping we didn't have a lot of guests for dinner, it kicked back on! He said it's time to replace it, and the prospect of a new oven is VERY exciting. Thanks Mr. Landlord, for the speedy arrival - crisis averted! Here's a pic of the "Caloric" Oven mid Thanksgiving prep-panic:

As promised in my email, here are the outtakes from Sylvie's Thanksgiving Day photo shoot. It was hard to pick just one, and some of these are pretty silly. Enjoy!

PS - Leyla - if you read this, I want pregnancy pics!

OK, that first one was really more "sweet" than silly... she is very precious.


sari said...

is she smiling on purpose! THAT IS SO EXCITING!
hey sylvie, ill see you in 6 days!

cindy said...

"I'm trying last year's turkey for the second time"

it must be pretty ripe by now :)