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Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!

Ryan, Sylvie and I had a nice get together at the house this evening. We were able to catch up with friends and ryan tried out his new smoker - he even smoked chocolate! Pete and Mary brought their dog Kubrick so Hattie had some company as well. 

Sylvie's new years eve celebration was marked by the second day of concerning behavior (she simply won't nap and doesn't want to be put down), a quick trip to the doctor (apparently everything is fine, so this may be some sort of phase) and a beautiful night of 12 hours of sleep (waking up twice to be fed). We're keeping an eye on the situation.

When Sylvie isn't being a grumpy-guss she is getting more cute by the second. She uses her hands much more now and sometimes laughs out loud at our lame jokes! The activity Gym Grandma Terri got her has already gone a long way to assist in mobility, she is getting better at tummy-time and rolls onto her side. I'll need to commit to a bumper soon (I haven't found one I like yet) because she has begun to scoot her body until her head hits the bars of her crib! 

I'll post some pics or video tomorrow morning, in the meantime I better take advantage of the sleeping baby to sleep myself! Night 2009!

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