Adventures of Pancake A.

No longer uncomfortably pregnant, a first time mom chronicles life with her new baby girl!
*Baby shall be nicknamed Pancake for internet purposes.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today has been a great day.I've been rearranging Pancake's room to accommodate the new bookcase we got her, and everything is coming together wonderfully! This afternoon, as I was buckling P into her carseat, I looked up and noticed (finally) my missing cellphone stuck behind the right rear seat's headrest. THEN we had a great lunch at Thundercloud with Dad, and Pancake looked adorable in purple overalls from Roxann's friend kind friend Tina. All of those events are good, but what happened next is even better!

On the way home I stopped to pump gas (ech) and rolled the windows down for Pancake. as I approached the car with the pump in my hand, I looked at her through the window, and her hand was extended towards me. Then I looked at her little fingers, and noticed they were OPENING AND CLOSING. AT me! Pancake was WAVING TO ME! I quickly started babbling like an idiot - "HI! THAT IS SO GOOD BABY!" and waving back. The whole time my gas tank was filling up, I would wave, and she would wave her little fingers back at me. It was wonderful, so exciting, and it caused me to buy 10 more dollars of gas than I wanted.

I'll take a picture of her once she wakes from her nap to add to this entry, just to commemorate the event :)
Better yet - click the arrow button below to play a video. Please forgive my embarrassing overexcitement.


Grace said...

Omigosh! I love her so much. Tell her "hi" for me!

Warren said...

Jennifer -- you are SOOOOO precious when you get excited about Sylvie's progress -- like waving back to Mommy. I love the way you share these moments -- it brings big smiles to a Granddaddy who is too far away.

Sherri Renee said...

How precious!!!! Sylvie is so lucky to have a mommy like you!

Meg said...

Oh MY that was adorable, as well as your response. :)