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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pancake Inside the Movie Theater

Yesterday Pancake saw her first film in the theater - Pixar's UP! We went to the Alamo Drafthouse Theater's Baby Day (Tuesdays, the 12pm showing), and I really had no idea what to expect from her. I couldn't remember if I'd ever held her for a straight hour and a half! It was apparently a busy Baby Day because the Alamo Staff was scrambling around and the theater was pretty full. Pancake hadn't taken a nap yet, so I assumed I could nurse her to sleep and was crossing my fingers she'd be able to stay that way. That idea went quickly out the window because once we sat down was only interested in eagle-eyeing all the other babies. She watched the movie a little bit, but mainly she spent her time using me as a human office chair, whirling around to face whatever direction a baby had made a noise. This pretty much kept her busy for the full length of the movie, so score 1 for inquisitive babies!

Pancake loved the trailer for Ice Age 3 and squealed at many of the close-ups of UP's main character. She LOVED the dogs, and said "Doc" (can't quite get that "g" sound) several times. She also loved the balloons, of course! She almost became upset during the thunder/lightening sequence, but I was able to talk her out of it. I hope I'm not giving too much away when I say that she seemed to pick up on the uplifting atmosphere at the end of the film - the last 15 or so minutes she spent giving me kisses (translation, putting her mouth over my cheek or nose and drooling) and outright laughing. It was super adorable and she was by far the best behaved and happiest baby there... I'm just saying is all.

Around 7pm we went for a family walk and caught the light at the most beautiful time. Ryan stopped to adjust the baby and I made him let me take their picture with the Iphone:

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