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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Banner Weekend

Well, my first attempt at a yeast bread is hopefully rising in the kitchen, which should conclude two great days. Saturday Ryan saw "Up" while Sylvie, Hattie-dog and I slept in. Once he was home, we took Hattie swimming at the park and picked up a Pizza on the way home. FYI - if you live in Austin and are near a Saccone's Pizza - the "Uncle Tom" is so so so good; Sliced sausage, onions, green pepper and fresh basil on thin crust with GREAT cheese... I digress.

We're on the 6th season of West Wing on DVD, so we rounded out Saturday night with a little White House fun. I fell asleep early, slept for an hour and subsequently didn't get back to sleep until 4am. However, Sylvie went to sleep at 9pm and woke up at 7am! I think I couldn't sleep because I was expecting her middle of the night feeding. Hopefully this begins a trend of 10 consecutive hours of sleep.

Yesterday I noticed a tiny crater in Sylvie's lower gum - with what looks like tiny bits of white sticking out - so she may be cutting her first tooth. She has been extra cranky during her already difficult down times, ie in the highchair, in the exersaucer, being held, etc. If she's crawling or standing, she's still pretty darn happy.

Today we woke up, had a good morning, and met up with our friends Kimberly, Colby, and their terrific kids. They showed us a section of the San Gabriel River we hadn't seen before; a nice hike along the mostly dry rocky riverbed to some scenic waterholes. This area of the river is most well known for the University of Texas' excavation of Dinosaur Footprints! You can watch someone else's video footage of the same prints here: Acrocanthosaurus Dinosaur Footprints .

The waterholes were the main attraction for us, it was great to find a secluded swimming/wading spot. Kimberly and Colby's kids are the sweetest ever, they had a lot of fun with Hattie who loved all the attention. Early on, I was talking to Kimberly while holding Sylvie as she sat in the water. Syl took in all the sights from under her large brimmed sun hat, and was being very still. Suddenly though, something triggered my developing Mom radar. I picked Sylvie up to look at her mouth, which had little specks of watery-dirt around it. "Sylvie did you just EAT A ROCK?!" I fished my finger in her mouth and out popped 3 large pebbles! Neither Kimberly or I had noticed a thing. Sylvie just smiled smugly.

In addition to rock lovin, Sylvie adored and was fearless in the water. When I waded out with her, she became very vocal, giggly, and smiley. I held her in the water, up to her shoulders and "swam" her around while she kicked her arms and legs, squealing with happiness! Even after Sylvie had tired, she determinedly continued to flap her appendages while huffing and puffing... really trying to savor every empowering moment of such fluid mobility. Must be great after 8 months of feeling trapped in your own body!

On our hike back to the car, Ryan carried Sylvie in the AWESOME Ergo Carrier Warren & Diana got us. She was so tired she actually fell asleep snuggled up next to him for the first time! She has only done that once with me, so it was a great moment. I forgot the camera, but luckily Kimberley took some great photographs while we were there. Sylvie likes K a lot and gives smiles freely:) Thanks Kimberly, for the pictures!

"UNC Temp of the Month" Umbrella Courtesy of Aunt Grace

Well, its 1am and I just took two piping hot doughy lumps out of the oven. Must have overheated the yeast. I'll try again tomorrow :)


Grace said...

A banner blog entry. Thank you for sharing your weekend with us! I can't get over the pictures of Sylvie, especially the one where she's in the water and looks exactly like a Baby Jennifer. Glad you're enjoying the umbrella!

Sherri Renee said...

Sylvie is so photogenic! I love her little hat.

I didn't know Grace was "Temp of the Month"!