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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Pancake, you have had a busy day. When you woke up from your first nap, you actually sat pleasantly in your highchair and ate a whole package of peas! towards the end of the meal, you looked up at Hattie-Dog standing at the side door, and said (loudly, I might add) "ATTIE... ... DOC!" Now, the other day you said "Hattie" which I thought was cool, but this is TWO whole words! Together! And you came pretty darn close to saying Hattie-Dog perfectly so GOOD JOB!

Tonight we had our first enjoyable meal as a family around the table. Dad and I ate our meals with your highchair in-between us, and I fed you bite size finger food which you ate ALL of. Most importantly, you stayed entertained our whole meal (normally you cry the whole time we eat and one of us ends up holding you) while feeding yourself. I am pretty sure baby food is just about out the window, its too much of a hassle! Next time your Dad and I are going to try to remember what it is like to eat sloooowwwwllly and maybe not scarf everything down in 5 seconds. Wouldn't that be fun? Here was tonight's menu:

A small handful of organic blueberries, cut into half so you could taste them immediately.
Two large banana chunks which you eat like candybars.
Bits of vegetarian "Quorn" chicken patties
Half a piece of toast torn into bite-size pieces
Cubes of organic Monterey Jack Cheese - your absolute favorite!

I was especially proud that you returned for more blueberries after you had cheese. Good girl.

On a sad note, A music icon from my generation died today. Michael Jackson was a very talented man who worked with some of the very best industry people to make just about the best recordings of my early childhood. He was a strange man who no one will ever fully understand, but he left behind some terrific tunes that undoubtedly you will hear throughout your lifetime. I had this memory earlier:

I was three and hanging out with the next door neighbor, Kimberly who was five. She asked me if I had any crushes, I shook my head no. "you don't have a crush on Michael Jackson?" she asked. A vague memory of a man illuminated in foggy darkness came to mind. "no..." I said. She then made me follow her from her front steps to her livingroom where she momentarily fiddled with the tape player, and I heard the opening beats of Billie Jean for the very first time. We listened to the song all the way through once, and then quietly we rewound the cassette and listened to it again and again and again.

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