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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tornado! Pox!

Ok, it really wasn't all that dramatic, and the "Pox" was really Roseola which is a common infant virus. But the two combined made for an interesting night!

About two weeks ago, after a fun video chat with Pancake's family, I took her to the pediatrician for her scheduled vaccination appointment. I knew she was running a low fever which I thought was from teething, but I was very surprised when they took her fever seriously and turned her down for the vaccination. Home we went, where Pancake proceeded to get fussier and more and more HOT. I took her temp around 7pm and it was 103.5! We phoned the on-call nurse, was told us to wait it out and apply tylenol, and we did what we could to make little P more comfortable.

We had been watching a storm roll in on the news, but were very surprise when they issued a tornado warning for central austin - which NEVER gets the tornado action of it's surrounding towns. Sure enough, after a few minutes, someone had spotted a funnel just a few streets past our neighborhood! Ryan, sick Pancake, Hattie-dog and I all holed up in the master bathroom and put our mattress over the door... now that baby is here I've found that I almost always weigh on the side of precaution. We stood in the bathroom (dog on leash - quiet, sick baby in arm - amazingly quiet) for an hour until the storm passed (two other twister sightings, all around us). We put the bed back together and put P down for the night with a little dose of tylenol.

The next day, her fever was back so away we went to the pediatrician! They did a foot prick blood test and a nose swab which both came back a little unusual, and since she didn't have any symptoms other than high fever, we all began to get worried. They ended up taking blood big-girl style :( and then took a urine sample with a CATHETER while I held her down, poor baby! It was rough on everyone involved. Afterwards I said "well, at least she'll nap well today" and the nurse said "yeah, I need to go home early and take a nap myself!" She received one more shot - a dose of antibiotics in case she had a bacterial infection, and two straight hours of attention after she arrived, we went home. NOT a fun day for Mom.

So, long story short, Pancake had the fever for two more days, we got the results back of the blood and urine tests (negative), and on the fourth day she broke out in a rash all over her torso. I don't have an official diagnosis but it was textbook Roseola rash and nothing else makes sense so that's what I'm going with. She cheered right up and had several days of recovery before her Grammie and Uncle Justin arrived, horray!

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