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*Baby shall be nicknamed Pancake for internet purposes.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

other people's babies fall asleep on, say, the couch sometimes.

you however pancake, do not. from day one, you wanted to spread your limbs and get around all on your own, you didn't cuddle much and never fell asleep unless it was absolutely necessary. now that you can crawl (or push your wagon) to where you'd like, you are much happier! i sense more peace in you than before. sometimes now, if i'm holding you while you're munching on a piece of banana or holding your dolly, you'll lean into me and cuddle a bit. those brief seconds are some of my all-time favorite life moments!

other great moments lately have been between you and dad, he has finally stopped being "second in command" in your eyes. you and he have had some good time to bond lately, and it has made all the difference. when i tell you we're going home to see dad or when he walks in the front door -- your eyes get big, your mouth goes agape and then you laugh out loud. these past few days your speech almost exclusively alternates between "duck duck duck" and "dad dad dad". oh - and "het het het" (hattie).

these are the words you can say and understand:
dada (lately dad)
hattie-dog (she's said "attie-doc" three times, i think that counts
lilla (which is "little gorilla", one of her favorite books)

you also do a swell imitation of one of hattie's resounding barks.

you quickly became a mad woman with your push-wagon, and love speed walking with it. you love trying to climb things you shouldn't, and often we find you playing at aunt dj's keyboard, standing on one leg with the other extended out in the air. yesterday you clapped, officially, and you have done so off and on today as well. it's really cute and you become very proud of yourself. i can only imagine how exciting it is to pull your duck's string to get the "quack quack" noise, get proud of yourself for doing so, clap with pride, and then get even MORE proud of yourself for clapping! big stuff here.

checking for sodium lauryl sulfate

guess it's ok

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