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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

17 months

More thoughts of your recent activities:

This past week when you fuss for a minute and Dad and I don't respond, you will look down at the floor, sniffle, and say "SAAAaaadddd." Talk about guilt trip!

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texas snow! from jennifer anderson on Vimeo.

We woke up this morning to Central Texas snow. Everywhere, and covering everything! Ok not the roads, but absolutely everything else. We'd had a late night, so you and I slept nice and long and when I woke up and remembered the forecast, I rushed into your room and pulled open the blinds. "Look out the window - SNOW!"
I brought you to the window and you said "Snewflkes!" and I said "YES, YES! SNOWFLAKES!" both of us with wide smiles and you looked at me and said "Pancakes!" and I nodded a bit less assuredly and said "Isn't the snow pretty? SNOWFLAKES." you held my gaze steadily and said "Pancakes."
I let that sit for a moment and then asked "Do you want Pancakes for breakfast?" and you said "YEAHHHH!!!"

The New Face of Independent Thought

This is probably the best example of my ineptitude to comprehend your burgeoning independent thought. You have never asked for a breakfast item out of the blue, and it has been a while since your last pancake. The other day, after weeks of eating organic blueberries (least expensive this time of year), you spun in a circle and asked "Strawberries?" You did this a couple more times before your dad came home from work. After we'd all eaten dinner you walked into the kitchen and asked "Strawberries?" I asked Dad if he'd mentioned strawberries around you and then said to him "I wonder where she saw strawberries?" and Dad said "...Maybe she just wants strawberries." I can't explain what exactly made me thick as a goal post on this, but of course he was right, you just wanted strawberries. You hadn't seen them in the fridge, or read a book about them, or seen them on a fabric swatch. You just got an urge for them, the way I get an urge to watch "Sliding Doors", or have an egg sandwich. You really are a beautiful little person, and for all the credit I give you, and all the marveling I do about your intelligence to other people, It was really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that we have raised you thus far and sometimes you just WANT what you want.

Anyway back to the snow, I threw layers over your pjs and rushed you outside. You had fun until hattie ate your mini snowman (but looked adorable doing so, I might add, her little paws dusting up the clumpy snow). We came inside and I finally made you your pancake. (Shout out to BATTER BLASTER, a product I've loved but just realized what a secret weapon it can be to an purposely microwave-less and organically-minded mom)

After your pancakes, blueberries and cheese we went back out to the snow and had fun making a snowman until I realized just how vital gloves are to the snow-packing process. One can really only go thirty seconds to a minute on a snowball until your fingers want to cry out in pain. Being little baby fingers, yours have even less tolerance, so I have to admit our snowman was more than a little hurried. And you really wanted to eat the carrot nose. AND you started crying for "Calliou!" a show I had just exposed you to while dressing you for cold, and then callously tore you away from to go galavanting in cold ice pain. The one giggle I got from you as I stuck a stick to the snow for a mouth was happiness enough, and back we went into the warm world of pancakes and cartoons. I scooped up a handful of "clean" tree snow to bring back into the house and make Snow-in-a-Bowl which I did, guessing at my Mom's recipe, and you scarfed it down, happy as a clam again. Next time I'll make sure i've got some proper snow-fun-time clothes for you, I promise... but honestly, yesterday we thought winter was over! I wore a t shirt!

Proof of Yesterday's Sunshine:


Grace said...

Wait till Tom sees your shout out to Batter Blaster! Dole is doing a promotion with them so whenever we go to the store, we look everywhere for it and we can never find it. So, next time you buy it, be sure to pair it with a banana!

jba of hello prints! said...

in fact, i do generally eat my batter blaster with a dole organic banana. it's in most stores in austin. its always near the margarine and pillsbury biscuit cans. we've loved batter blaster since it came out, its a great product, go tom!