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Monday, February 22, 2010

catching up thoughts

Kiss From Grammie

You had a great time mid-Feb during Grammie's visit. You had your first night away from Mom and Dad, who stayed at a fancy hotel and had fun all the while missing you very much. You and Grammie did a ton of fun things and she taught you to ask "Kiss it?" when you get a boo-boo and she was happy to comply with many kisses. You showed Grammie all your dance moves and she taught you to tap your foot.

After Grammie's visit (more on that to come, its a lot to get out) and your enthusiastic response to the simple wooden starter dollhouse and Calico Critters on display at the toy store, I decided to forego the standard Fisher Price Little People plastic dollhouse. This decision was tough because I wanted to spend the same or less than the FP house, I wanted something with lots of empty space for your chubby hands to get in the rooms and play, and it had to be very, very simple and age appropriate. I found a major steal in the Ryan's Room (a division of Small World Toys) "It's 2 Cute" wooden toddler dollhouse, discontinued at for LESS than most places sell the FP, but originally $149. Lucky us! It arrived in two days and you loved it right away. That first night Dad and I gave it to you, I think you played with it for two hours straight, and another three the following morning.

It comes with just enough very basic block furniture and is intended for 2+. So far I'm satisfied with the decision. You'll get to practice giving your dolls a bath and using the toilet just like the fisher Price dollhouse, but there is much more room for free play. It should last you a couple years until you're ready for something more detail-oriented... or whenever it is that kids get there developmentally. Without the household sounds (like a toilet flushing) it may take you longer to get engaged in dollhouse role-play, but I'm betting you will come around eventually. Video Below:

dollhouse from jennifer anderson on Vimeo.
While dad is at work you carry around the little wooden Dad doll and say "Hug Dad". Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

We've been listening to Dad's new album (Minorcan - Keep At Hand available now on itunes and!) in the car and when I go to get you out of your seat you say "Dad... .... singing". You're very good at present tenses and all the time say things like "Plane... Flying ... Sound." When you hear an airplane soar by.

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