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Monday, February 22, 2010

a year ago this week

you tried your first bite of solid food! its amazing to think how far you've come.

and here you are on valentine's day, eating a gummy star:

so pancake, i've fallen very behind updating your blog and i don't quite know how to catch up. here are a few happy thoughts from recent events, and expect more to come:

while grammie was visiting i made monkey bread for the first time and it was a mouth watering success. grammie, dad, you and myself all loved it, and altho you may think it's a weird mention for a baby blog, i hope to serve it up every christmas morning for the rest of your life so i thought the first taste deserved note. 2/15/10

on 2/20/10 we took you to the new location of sandy's shoes, otherwise known as austin's own geppetto-run toy/shoe store. over the last 17 months daniel has been your only shoe salesman and although i have to admit he's more austin hippy than renaissance wood-smith, he's kindly and knowledgeable and i prefer to think of him in old-world terms. ANYWAY it was a busy Saturday but we eventually walked out with your first sneakers! we'd spent that morning at the dog park and it was apparent your soft-soled shoes no longer fill your mountain climbing needs. you do not... and i mean do NOT like having your foot measured or strangers putting new shoes on your feet. it took a very obnoxious wall-eyed stuffed monkey to calm you down. you sure look cute though!

that night your dad and i took you for your first lobster dinner. i can't say you ate much more than the cheddar bay biscuits, but it was a really great night for your parents. both of us agreed our highly anticipated jaunt to red lobster (it's lobsterfest, of course) felt like a REAL official family outing. waiting to be seated, showing you the lobster tank, hearing you peel into laughter over the big-eyed lobster illustration on your kids' menu... it just felt like the most traditional family moment we've had with your personality in full-bloom, and it was FUN. as i'm sure you've grown accustomed, strangers gawked all over your cuteness while you played in the track-lit stones out front, ran with abandon into a table-corner trying to get to the lobster tank (dad made it better), and sat happily in your highchair eating tastes of my dinner and ignoring your own. the highlight may have been our waiter pulling two lobsters from the tank before your eyes. one of them was ferocious and rightly deserved a few more minutes of life - he curled back his tail and pinched his claws and i swear he actually hissed. you squealed and clapped at all this and cracked up when he sank back to the bottom of the tank. it was great fun, thanks for showing us such a good time.

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Grace said...

Lobsterfest sounds like fun! What DOES a baby dinner at Red Lobster look like? Enjoy the sneakers, Sylvie!