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Monday, July 19, 2010

fireworks & a rainbow

we had a great weekend with you, pancake. friday night we took you to round rock's rainchecked fireworks display, this time without hattie, which made everything more copacetic. we arrived at the festival, looked at the ponies, picked out some dinner (bbq sandwiches and a lemonade mm!) and sat down on our blanket to enjoy the pre-fireworks music. after we ate, your dad got up to get a drink refill and a funnel cake. the whole time he was gone you "marched" around our blanket over and over, getting so dizzy you would wobble to a stop in my arms and only stopping to clap when the orchestra finished a came back just before the fireworks began (long funnel cake line) and the three of us, at your request, laid down to watch the display. at first you were nervous but dad coaxed the firework colors out of you "red! purple! gow!" (gold) and before long you were upright and loving every second, the funnel cake didn't hurt, either. it was a GREAT night with i have to say, perfect summer evening weather. we took our time walking back to the car and bought you a rainbow glow stick/ring with our last $2. i hope i'll never forget the silhouette of you and dad in the dark field together, you haphazardly racing forward and him happy to keep up.

MAYbe best of all, since i'm so photo-happy, we left the camera home since we already had official "fourth of july" photos. this means this memory is just our to keep, exactly as we felt it. i know thats a good way to live every now and then, too :)

saturday was fun, we hit the austin vintage guitar places so dad could window shop. we made use of KFC coupons and ate dinner for just 3 dollars.

today, sunday, we hung out around the house and straightened up. we found a mouse in the glue trap i'd put out (instantly changed my mind about using those traps, too) who luckily didn't get too stuck due to a melted crayon that had also landed in the goo. your dad and i instantly knew we needed to try to set it free, so into a box the lil' mouse went. i held out a shot glass of water and it propped up on it's hind legs (the only part stuck in glue) and took adorable sniffy sips. dad held you so you could watch. i grabbed some gloves and vegetable oil and off we went to a nearby field where i easily released his little feet with oil and q-tips and off he hobbled into the thicket and up a tree. you repeated dad's praises of mom for setting the mouse free, and he told you all about the nice creek nearby for the mouse to drink from. here's to you little mouse! may you survive your first of hopefully many nights in the wilderness and promptly regain full use of your feet.

after the squeak fiasco, we got cleaned up and headed to redbud island for an evening hattie-swim. we drove through a thick rain en route, but by the time we arrived the west side of austin was clear and i pointed out a large rainbow in the sky. you looked and looked, but couldn't see it. we moved locations and i kept pointing. you borrowed my sunglasses but still "i can't see it!" finally i pointed in JUST the right spot a and a big grin filled your face. "I SEE A RAINBOW!"

your very first rainbow :)

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