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Thursday, July 15, 2010

i blinked. it's july.

since may we have had some wonderful visitors. aunt heather z., grammie, grandpa and just last week or so, grandaddy.

in late may i made a few notes of pancake quotes they were as follows:

"thank you mom and daddy!" (chicken & mac)
"no. i'm not blowing bubbles in my milk :) not YET!"
"dad, are you drinking beers? [yes] i like to drink beers TOO!"

if one would say your speech blossomed when you were 18 months old, then over the past month (you are about to wrap up your 21st month) i would say your speech has transformed into actual conversation. nowadays when you thank us for say, mac & cheese, you also ramble elegantly on your opinions of said mac & cheese and how much you would like to eat it again in the future. your exclamations are often followed with a "because". "i love macaroni and cheese because it is tasty in my belly! tot wants macaroni and cheese too!" is a good example of one of your simple expressions.

you are so so affectionate and vocal with your gratefulness. "thank you mommy, thank you daddy, i love you so much!" "it's going to be so much fun, i can't wait!" this week your little "mmm" sound air kisses turned into a tiny pucker sound, and you actually make cheek contact often.

i can hardly think of a household object you don't know the name of. you understand and can say that you are a cheese connoisseur. your little face screws up in the cutest way as you work out "accident" - "i'm sorry stompy, it was an accident, i didn't mean to!"

you have also continued to sleep regularly since 18 months and i am ever so grateful. this week your two top eye teeth are coming in, which will complete your top teeth leaving you in need of 4 on either side of the bottom.

your play skills have also taken a turn this week. i notice you really playing with your animals and "little people", their conversation skills have developed with your own. "hello raccoon! would you like to eat some popcorns?" "thank you i love some!" "would you like to buy some strawberries?" here is five dollars. yummy!"

you are slowly overcoming your adverse reaction to slides, which you so loved early on in mobility. you are hesitant to take big physical moves (such as walking across the bridge at a playground) but once you do, you want to do so over and over.

we have started a tradeoff with silas and his mom for a few hours each week, and you are getting very attached to little silas. "'member silas? he funny. and heather? 'member silas - he hugs the flower?" today in fact, you started to cry and kept insisting you wanted to see silas. luckily we will be getting together with him and his family sat. morning.

in other news, we have some exciting changes coming up. more on that soon!

oh and we seriously tried potty training for a day and i decided that neither you nor i were ready for it. you still aren't telling us before you go in your diaper, so i guess those kai lan underwears will just have to sit in their drawer a little longer :)

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